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Qarva’s Low Latency Streaming Engine Solution is a perfect combination of the aQua Video server with an award-winning OTT MultiPipe protocol, cost effective aQua Video Servers and industry-leading DRM platforms. As a result, we have the set of functionalities fully dedicated to effective archiving and secure delivery of video content at the same time addressing the main issues of the internet television – latency from live streaming and dependence of the bitrate on subscriber’s geographic location.
Simultaneous Clients to 1 regular server


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How It Works

Qarva MultiPipe Protocol – Enabler of Low Latency Live Video Streaming Around the World. Award-Winning Technology, is TCP/IP based protocol, which uses persistent connections to multiple streaming servers around the world, that were allocated in order to shorten distance between subscriber and server, to receive and aggregate content data.


Qarva Streaming Engine gives you the ability to widen the streaming audience, overcome Internet challenges, break geographical limitations, and stream your content around the world with Widevine & FairPlay DRM, ultra-low latency & ABR functionality. For easiest integration we have developed HTML 5 Player.
200Gbps Streaming Capacity
50,000 simultaneous clients to 1 regular server