IPTV Solution

For: Telecoms, Media & Entertainment, System Integrators


Qarva ensures high quality IPTV, Live Channels and VoD, service to your subscribers from Headend to Home, with unique and award-winning Qarva technologies partnered with industries leading companies. Play, Pause, Fast Rewind, Forward Rewinding – these are small list of Qarva’s IPTV E2E solution’s features.


Ultra-Fast Channel Change Time, 0.2 seconds
200Gbps Streaming Capacity
Packet Loss Recovery Technology
Cost-Effective solution, without need of transcoders
Rewind in Timely Manner – Catch a second of your favorite show
Find the Program in User Friendly Program Guide
Use Video on Demand Catalogue via subscription or transaction model

How It Works

Putting the user experience at the heart of its business, Qarva is dedicated to the provisioning of high quality, scalable, robust, and cost-effective solutions that will improve the viewer’s TV experience and overall quality of service. Qarva’s IPTV end-to-end solution represent a bundle of seamlessly integrated products that are accompanied by a full range of professional services. Solution provides all modern means to achieve superior and sustainable customer experience.


Qarva IPTV E2E solution is designed to make your life easier and happier. With ultra-fast channel change time, lost packets recovery, innovative use of rewinding functionality, it reduces the TCO with high level of efficiency. With highest performance aQua Video Servers’, the system reduces the hardware cost. The integration with your legacy systems, or your choice of industry leaders, are the easy part with Qarva.
Easy Integration
Quick to Deploy