Award-Winning Qarva Proprietary Protocol


Qarva MultiPipe OTT protocol is award winning proprietary protocol delivered by Qarva for the best streaming experience. The technology is addressing two main issues of the internet television – latency from live streaming and dependence of the bitrate on subscriber’s geographic location.
Simultaneous connections


Ultra-Low Latency Streaming
4K/8K Live Videos Anywhere in the World
Breaking Geographical Barriers

How It Works

Qarva MultiPipe is TCP/IP based protocol, which uses persistent connections to multiple streaming servers around the world, that were allocated to shorten distance between subscriber and server due to HLS protocol limitations, to receive and aggregate content data.


Nowadays, clients can benefit from Qarva MultiPipe technology using following Qarva products and solutions:
OTT Streaming Solution
IPTV Timeshifting Solution
Content Delivery Solution