Channel Zapping and PLR Solution

Fast Channel Change


An innovative software-only solution for Fast Channel Switching bundled with Packet Loss Recovery. Provides channel switch time which is the best on the market and very effective packets loss recovery technology over poor IP networks. Qarva FCC consists of a server-side application and FCC Agent running on every STB as a part of Player.
Channel Change Time


0.2 Seconds Channel Change Time
Recovery of lost and/or damaged UDP Packets

How It Works

Once the analogue TV signals enter the system, they are transformed into multicast streams and distributed through the system components via Multicast Switches. Besides the live streaming of the content, it is delivered to video servers for providing access in time-shift mode and to RTP Retransmission Server aka Fast Switch Server which stores last X minutes (usually, size of the buffer varies between 10 and 30 seconds) streamed from each TV channel.


Qarva FastSwitch maximizes your subscribers’ happiness while watching the TV service. While recovering the lost packets in multicast network and reducing channel switch time down to 0.2 seconds, it uses your own hardware in a cost-effective way.
300 000 Concurrent Clients per Regular Server
2 000 Channels per Regular Server