IPTV Timeshifting Solution

For Managed & Unmanaged TV Service Providers


Features of the aQua Video server are fully dedicated to video content effective and secure archiving and delivery of media information to the STB and other endpoints. Secure delivery of the content is empowered by integration with Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay DRM systems.
per Regular Server


Record Live Content Infinitely - Manage your favorite sports and movies in seconds
Manage Your Time / Catch a Second
Play / Pause
One Touch Instant Rewind
Time-Shift (Catch-Up) TV
Bookmarking / Reminders

How It Works

aQua Video Server is designed with maximum performance and scalability in mind. Video server is capable to utilize maximum amount of storage space available, RAM and CPU cores in one instance (multiple instances on one server is allowed). In real world cases one aQua Video Server is capable to stream up to 200 Gb/s to up to 50000 clients simultaneously.


Qarva aQua Video Server is designed to maximize your subscribers’ satisfaction, give them the innovative features like: slide rewinding and rewinding with film strip visualization, and in addition, save your hardware costs.
200Gbps per Regular Server
50 000 simultaneous clients
Easy Integration to Existing Legacy Systems