Transforming 15 Years Expertise into the TV Experience by Developing High Quality, User-Friendly and Intuitive Products for Your Subscribers. 

Horizontal Scalability | Modular Architecture  | SLA 99.999% 

aQua Video Server

Catch the second of your favorite sport/show. One-touch instant rewind from Live TV, Play/Pause and control your TV service. Smooth experience watching the Live with us  


Innovative Rewinding for your subscribers – Rewind with Film Strip visualization. Excite your customers with innovative controller of their TV service.


Give your subscribers ultra fast zapping function. Never make your subscribers wait too long looking for the favorite channel. Give amazing, 0.2 second zapping experience to your subscribers 


Ultra Low Latency for sports and Live streaming with DRM protection. Great sport needs the great technology. Let’s spread your content together across the globe.  

MultiPipe Streaming Technology

Award-Winning MultiPipe Technology

4K UHD Streaming Across the Globe

Ultra Low Latency 

DRM support