Qarva PIX

New way of Live Rewinding with Film Strip Visualization

Qarva has developed the ultimate in IP Television trick play; Qarva Pix. This is a unique feature providing “slide rewinding” similar to that seen on smart phones. Using a finger the viewer can sweep the video content forward or back and stop. The amount of content the scrolling frames represent is user chosen; an hour, a minute, a second. It is a highly accurate and immersive way for the user to choose exactly where they want to be in the content. When a frame is chosen it can be expanded with a hand gesture and re-divided into smaller segments so the user can find what they are looking for down to the second. 

The Qarva Pix server, part of the Qarva QoE ecosystem, receives frames from the aQua server and renders them as a linear sequence of ‘film frames’ that can be manipulated to and fro. When the user chooses to stop and returns to the play mode the device is seamlessly returned to the aQua buffered recording or the live stream.