Fastest TV Channel change software for Hybrid and IPTV Systems

Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Services (QoS) are the predominant features in viewer selection of IPTV industry.  Qarva FastSwitch is industry leader, the most important solution with the fastest channel change time ever.  FastSwitch (FCC/PLR) enhances QoE and QoS solving two major challenges in IPTV industry: slow channel change time and lost packets. 

Fast Channel Change (FCC) – Down to 0.2 seconds

Normally IPTV needs from 2 to 5 seconds for TV channel change, and it leads to the customer dissatisfaction.  Qarva FCC (Fast Channel Change) accelerates TV channel change time 10 fold, down to 0.2 seconds.  This is amazing, world’s best result. FCC allows subscribers to interact with their IPTV service “instantly” and meets the viewer demand for high-speed interactivity. 

 Packet Loss Recovery (PLR)

Many IPTV multicast networks suffer from packet loss problem, which results in blocking and freezing TV screen. Qarva Packet Loss Recovery easily solves the problem by retransmitting lost packets to STB. And as a result, subscriber will experience clear and uninterrupted video on TV screen.  

Qarva Transparency Technology, part of FastSwitch product line enables fast and easy integration into existing IPTV ecosystems.

Key Benefits of FastSwitch (FCC/PLR)

·     Improved zap time 10 fold, down to 0.2 seconds 

·     No blocking and freezing on TV screen

·     Transparent software – easily integratable to any kind of existing STB.

·     Fast-to-market solution 

·     Improved QoE and QoS

·     Increased ARPU