aQua Video Server

Live TV Rewinding|Catch-Up TV|Live TV Play/Pause

More Bandwidth, Fast Reaction, Precise Operation, Rewind Live TV

Qarva’s aQua Technology

aQua’s unique technology offers operators an efficient high quality Video Server which reduces cost and improves both QoE and QoS. Cost reducing features are a key component for any Service Provider. aQua’s ability to transcode VBR Live TV directly from satellite eliminates the need for transcoders, reducing hardware and stream cost. aQua Video Servers enhance the viewing experience to an extent that aQua users spent, on average, 50%* of viewing time Timeshifted. This is due to the high quality, fast response and ease of use aQua technology offers the viewer. aQua Video Servers offer Providers a cost effective service enhancement, which improves market presence, and a tool, to increase ARPU and decrease churn.

*Peak-Time viewing, 100 000 viewer sample

One Touch Instant Rewind

With only one touch of a button, aQua’s technology enables fast, smooth, instant rewind from Live TV. Real time indexing ensures a seamless rewind from Live TV with no restrictions and no lag between recorded TV and Live TV.

Slow Motion from Live TV

The same unique technology, which enables smooth Instant Rewind, also produces seamless Slow Motion play directly from Live TV with no need for transcoders.

Timeshift (Catch-Up) TV

When Timeshifting, aQua’s unique Real Time Indexing method offers precision performance with viewer input. Start and stop in Timeshiftmode index precisely with the users prompt. This eliminates excessive over-travel during rewind, fast forward and slow motion re-entry. Over-travel occurs when the indexing method inexact and viewer input does not translate to precise control of the moments of action (start, stop, rewind, fast forward and slow motion re-entry) in Timeshifting viewing. Since aQua offers unrestricted viewing, viewers can Timeshift through the EPG or can select a precise time to jump to. Viewers have the freedom to record and watch shows outside the strict time-slot boundaries of the EPG.

Bookmarking/Personal Video Recorder (PVR)/VoD

aQua’s Bookmarking & Personal Video Recorder reside in the cloud, eliminating the need for expensive STB’s with internal memories reducing Provider hardware requirements. Cloud technology PVR allows Providers to customize aQua Video Servers to their market needs while Bookmarking gives viewers the freedom to easily select their favorite shows so those shows can be watched when the viewer wants as often as the viewer wants.

Efficient, Ecological Scale out Technology

aQua Video Server technology is so efficient each server streams up to 200Gb/sec. Direct reception of satellite feed and the ability to digest Variable Bitrate feed without loss in quality reduces hardware cost by eliminating the need for transcoders. This means that one aQua Video Server can do the same work that may require 5 or to 50 competing video servers. This results in a low cost per stream making aQua’s Video Servers efficient, space saving and cost effective. Using grid technology allows for unlimited horizontal scalability. This ensures cost effective service growth by minimizing server space requirements.

Key Benefits of aQua Video Servers:

· Real Time Indexing – One Touch Instant Rewind From Live TV

· Easy, Fast, Precise Trick-Play Features – Timeshifting, Slow Motion

· Unrestricted Viewing – Both EPG and Time Jump Timeshifting

· Network PVR/Bookmarking/VoD

· Cost Effective, Efficient, Ecological Scale Out Technology