FastSwitch - A Fast Channel Change IPTV software solution bundled with Packet Loss Recovery

Quality of Experience (QoE) is the predominant feature in viewer selection of IPTV services and is subject to many different factors. Viewers expect a high level of interactivity from new technology coupled with a low level of frustration, which can result from service and network problems. FastSwitch (FCC/PLR-T) enhances QoS and QoE by addressing two major problems in IPTV service: slow channel change time and less than satisfactory viewing due to packet loss.  Universal compatibility regardles off hardware or software integration requirements makes FastSwitch cost effective and the preferred FCC solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Transparent = low integration cost, low demand on time and resources with legacy IPTV systems
  • Fast-to-market solution which improves QoE and QoS
  • Better interactive viewing experience, improving QoE and QoS
  • Improved Zap Time by 10 fold in non-accelerated networks
  • Elimination of blocking and freezing resulting from packet loss in challenging networks
  • Fast Channel Change (FCC) - Patent Pending downd to 0.2 second channel change time


Channel surfing is still a major aspect of the television viewing experience.  Whether scrolling through the EPG or channel hopping to find something to watch, a Fast Channel Change time is a major factor in viewer satisfaction.  Currently IPTV services without acceleration have a Zap Time of 2 – 5 seconds. Viewers want an interactive viewing experience without lag in channel change.  In an interactive viewing experience, ½ second is perceived as instant and less than one second is perceived as good, but 2 or more seconds is perceived as a disaster.  Our solution accelerates Channel Change Time by 10 fold.  This means an average of .2 to .5 seconds to change the channel, never more than ½ second. Fast Channel Change allows consumers to interact with their IPTV service “instantly” and meets the viewer demand for high-speed interactivity.

Packet Loss Recovery (PLR)

QoE is directly related to the Quality of Service (QoS) an IPTV network can provide its viewers.  One challenge faced by all providers is the simple fact that networks are imperfect and packet loss will occur as a result of these imperfections.  These imperfections translate to the viewer as blocking and freezing of the programs they are viewing.  These problems severely affect the interactive viewing experience and directly affect churn ratios.  Packet Loss Recovery solves this problem by discovering and restoring lost packets, eliminating freezing and blocking.  This has an immediate impact on QoE and a very positive effect on the perceived QoS. 

Transparency - Virtually eliminate the time, energy and resources of an FCC/PLR software solution.